At Supper Club YVR, we blend innovative strategies with culinary artistry to provide comprehensive consulting services tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities within the food industry. Our team of experts brings a wealth of experience to help commercial product creators, restaurateurs, and culinary teams achieve excellence and stand out in a competitive market. From crafting distinctive products that capture consumer interest to designing memorable menus and optimizing restaurant operations, our consultancy is your partner in culinary success.

Explore our specialized consulting areas:

Product Consulting

Commercial Product Consulting

We turn your ideas into irresistible culinary products

Bring your culinary products to market with our expert consulting services. We specialize in recipe development, branding, and market positioning to ensure your product stands out. 

Some of the products we have consulted on:

  • High-Protein Pancake Mix: For a health-focused brand, we developed a versatile high-protein pancake mix that doubles as a muffin base, blending seamlessly with their plant-based ethos. We expanded their range to include smoothies and protein bars, catering to the fitness-conscious consumer.

  • Vegan Caviar Line: Collaborating with a plant-based company, we crafted a sophisticated line of vegan caviar. Aimed at the gourmet market, this product is now launching in restaurants and for direct-to-consumer sales, revolutionizing the vegan luxury dining experience.

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Restaurant Consulting

Revitalize your restaurant with our bespoke consulting solutions. From concept development to service optimization, we provide insights that resonate with your clientele and streamline operations. 

Elevate your restaurant with our expert touch:

  • Richmond Restaurant Launch: Aided a Richmond eatery in menu development and dish creation, conducting thorough taste tests to ensure each offering resonated with local palates and culinary trends.

  • Cafe Transformation: Transformed an existing café to introduce a full-fledged brunch menu, aligning the offerings with the ambiance and target clientele. We also curated a line of delectable pastries and convenient grab-and-go items to enhance their revenue streams.

Corporate Events Catering

Menu Development

Craft a menu that tells your story and delights your customers. We offer comprehensive menu engineering, including seasonal menu planning, cost analysis, and ingredient sourcing. 

Some of the products we have consulted on:

  • Richmond Restaurant Menu Overhaul: Partnered with a Richmond restaurant to overhaul their menu. We meticulously developed recipes and trained the staff, enabling them to deliver each dish with consistency and flair, thus elevating the dining experience and customer satisfaction.

By leveraging our deep industry knowledge and creative approach, Supper Club YVR’s consulting services are your gateway to a thriving culinary business. Whether starting anew or reinventing your brand, we’re here to manifest your vision into a savory reality.

Contact us at info@supperclubyvr.com for any questions or projects

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