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Discover Vancouver’s Highest Rated Catering For An Unforgettable Event

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We have been making hosting simple for our clients since 2015. Voted Vancouvers Top Catering Service with personally curated service & Menus.

Starting off with Underground Supper Club Events to Pop Ups around the city, Wedding, Product Launch Parties, Home Private Catering , Galas, Birthday Parties – You name it.  We love constructing unique personalized menus based around the clients’ request along with organizing any Beverage Services, Flower Decoration, Rentals and more.

We want to help you in orchestrating a perfect evening with our best catering services and you can focus enjoying the evening with your guests.

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Meet Chef Shahni

With years spent in some of the city’s finest kitchens, honing his craft to offer something truly special. Travels around the globe have infused our menus with inspired flavors and unique twists.

Every menu is thoughtfully tailored to reflect your individual taste and the occasion you’re celebrating. Expertise isn’t just in crafting dishes, but in creating culinary experiences that resonate on a personal level.

Our Clients


Chefs who've honed their skills in the world's top kitchens. Global inspiration and the finest local ingredients.


Share your vision with us, and we'll create a bespoke menu that perfectly suits the occasion.


Let us complement your event with our full suite of services, and focus on what's important—your guests.


Once the last course is served, we'll restore your kitchen to its pristine condition, leaving no trace behind but the memory of an exquisite meal.


More than a meal, we deliver an unforgettable dining experience. Don't just take our word for it—our client reviews speak volumes.

Private Dining Service

Private Events

Experience the luxury of fine dining in the comfort of your home. Our private dining service brings gourmet meals, tailored to your taste, directly to your table.

Corporate Events

Corporate events

Elevate your corporate gatherings with personalized catering. From business lunch to company gathering, we curate it based on your requirements and budget.

Wedding Catering

Make your special day unforgettable with the highest rated wedding catering services. We focus on curating the evening with a personalized menu that reflects the evening.

Fondue Vancouver

Dive into the fun and flavor of a classic fondue experience. Our fondue service provides everything you need for a delightful and interactive dining adventure.

Discover Vancouver’s Highest Rated Catering For An Unforgettable Events

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This is a sample Menu, after we gather details about the event we will build a custom menu based on your requirements

Introducing Our New Service - "Fondue Vancouver"

Elevate your next gathering from ordinary to extraordinary with a swirl of our gourmet fondue! Supper Club YVR introduces an irresistibly ‘cheesy’ affair with our partner service, Fondue Vancouver.

No need to fret over the details; we provide everything you need for a seamless setup delivered right to your doorstep.

  • Choose from Cheese, Chocolate, Tomato, Dairy Free.
  • An assortment of dippers, curated to complement your chosen fondue—expect the traditional and anticipate our unique twists.
  • Clear heating instructions and fondue set rental for an authentic experience without any hassle.

Whether it’s a romantic date night, a family fun evening, or a unique twist to your dinner party, Fondue Vancouver is your ally in crafting memories. Let the laughter bubble over like molten Gruyère. It’s not just a meal; a chance to bond, to celebrate, and to indulge in the creamy goodness of a shared pot.

Learn More at Fondue Vancouver 

What Our Clients Say

200+ 5 Star Reviews






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We love supporting local business that help us make your event special & companies we believe deserve a mention. They also occasionally provide us with special offers for our clients. Subscribe to the newsletter to get a heads up.

Friends of Supper Club YVR

We love supporting local business that help us make your event special & companies we believe deserve a mention


Tailwind Apparel Is An Aviation Inspired Clothing Brand That Has Partnered With Make A Wish Foundation To Organize Fundraisers, Give Plane Rides To Kids & Donate To The Charity


Made To Order Gelato, Sorbet & Granita Delivered Right To Your Door. 

Using Local Fresh Ingredients With No Shortcuts


Fondue Delivery in the comfort of your home. Fondue Set along with classic and upscale dipping’s.

Aviation Inspired Clothing Company That Has Partnered With Make A Wish Foundation To Organize Fundraisers, Give Plane Rides To Kids & Donate To The Charity

Made To Order Gelato, Sorbet & Granita Delivered Right To Your Door. 

Using Local Fresh Ingredients With No Shortcuts

Technology Company Reinventing Agriculture Through Aquaponics.

95% Less Water Consumption Compared To Tradional Farming. 


Our utmost priority is to provide a remarkable private dining experience with a personalized menu carefully crafted for you and your guests. From bringing upscale dining in the comfort of your home to explaining the inspiration behind each dish, let the food do the rest! Transform Your Home Into Cities Best Restaurant For The Evening But Devoted To Only You & Your Guest.


Staff Parties, Team Building Events, Lunch Drop OFF. Treat Your Staff To Something New. We Can Catering Meals At The Office Or Find You One Of Our Partner Venues Around The City.


Whether you’re looking for custom cocktail design for a wedding or holiday party or traditional bar service, our award winning bartenders will craft something just for you. We’ll also guide you through the wine pairing process. Another item off your to do list.


We Offer Meal Prep Drop OFF & Personal Chef On Site Services To Cook For Your Family On A Regular Basis. Don’t Have To Worry About Shopping For Groceries Or Deciding What To Cook. We pair a personal chef based on your requirements to come and cook for your family or home parties.


We Have Build A Reputation With Innovative Dishes Not Only For Our Events But For Other Businesses. We have Clients From Start Up’s, Restaurant & Publicly Traded Companies. We Can Help With Menu Consultation Along With Recipe Development & Operations.


Combine Your Private Dining Experience With Learning A New Skill From Our Cooking Class, Our Chefs Provide Hands On Step By Step Direction To Pass On Their Skills In The Convenience Of Your Residence. We Also Organize Corporate Virtual Cooking Classes For Your Team Building. 


With Our Wide Range of Cooking Experience We Will Help You Showcase The Scene You Like To Create Through Food.


Win our first of the season Private dinner draw..

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