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From Beginner to Chef With Our Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes

From Beginner to Chef With Our Cooking Classes From a staple weekday dinner to a grand feast, food is a universal language that brings people closer. In the bustling and vibrant city of Vancouver, there’s a cooking school redefining the culinary landscape, one class at a time. Introducing Supper Club YVR — where the mystical […]

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What Do You Need To Know About Culinary Consultant?

Culinary Consultant by Supper Club

What exactly is a culinary consultant? What do they specialize in and how can they help your restaurant business? Whether you are a food-related business looking to hire a food/culinary consultant or an individual looking to become one, here is everything you need to know about culinary consulting and how they can improve the functions […]

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7 Benefits Of Cooking Classes; Flourish Your Skill From Basic To Advance

7 Benefits Of Cooking Classes; Flourish Your Skill From Basic To Advance

  With the current world situation, everyone is stuck at home with nothing to do and tons of free time. Don’t let this time go to waste instead use it to learn one of the most useful and fun skill in the world “cooking”.  Some people find it hard to learn to cook and there […]

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Virtual Cooking Classes vs Hands-on Cooking Classes

Virtual cooking classes vs Hands-on Cooking Classes

  Like any other field or institution cooking classes have been affected by the pandemic. At the start of the pandemic, a lot of cooking classes shifted to an online format to ensure everyone’s safety. Although now since the pandemic has gotten less serious many classes have gone back to the in-person style but some […]

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7 Reasons Why You Should Take Cooking Classes

7 reasons why you should take Cooking Classes

  In this age we are living in now it is common to see restaurants closed due to the pandemic. Not only are restaurants closed but most people can’t even go outside anymore. In this situation, you can find yourself getting sick of home-cooked meals and craving some of that restaurant-quality food. The best solution […]

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