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Catering Tips For a Stand Out Corporate Party In Vancouver



In recent times corporate parties have become more and more popular. For some people, this new trend has caused a lot of difficulties. Why? Because corporate parties are hard to get right. At a corporate party, the food is expected to be impeccable and the catering to be perfect. For someone who has no experience putting together a corporate party, this can be an uphill battle. So to help you organize a truly standout corporate party we have made a list of expert tips that are certain to help first-time organizers.

Tips For A Perfect Corporate Party


 Only Order What Is Necessary

It is understandable that during a corporate party you would want to impress your colleagues but this way of thinking is a recipe for disaster. The money you have is not infinite and going over budget can be a nightmare to deal with. To fix this problem talk to your caterer and set up a menu that is low cost and high impact. This will not only impress the guest but also help save you money. Some cost-effective catering methods are:

  1. Having a vegan menu
  2. Having smaller plates
  3. Doing a buffet
  4. Having an Italian menu

Prepare Accordingly

This is one of the most important steps when organizing any kind of event. Before you do anything there are some things you should decide ahead of time, like the location of the event, the catering style, the timing, etc. Knowing all of this will greatly speed up the organizing of the event and save everyone working on the event a lot of time. This will also give you extra time to put in some extra effort into how the venue looks giving your Corporate event that extra bit of personality and making it memorable.

Buffet Or Plated Dinner

Both are valid options and depend on what you want to go for. A buffet is cost-effective, great for serving large amounts of people, has more variety in food choices, everyone can pick their own portions, gives a more casual vibe to the event, keeps guests at the event longer. A Plated dinner is fancy, gives a formal atmosphere to the party, everyone is served the same amount of food at the same time, great for impressing formal guests.

Have a Menu With Variety

A lot of people suffer from food allergies or dietary restrictions. Make sure to look into the background of your guests and ask around to find out if anyone has any dietary restrictions. A good way to get around this problem is to have many different options on your menu like glutin-free food, vegetarian meals, different types of meat, non-alcoholic drinks, and cocktails. This will help you create an inclusive menu anyone can enjoy and ensure that all your guests have a great time.


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