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Party Catering VS Wedding Catering In Vancouver



At a glance Parties and weddings seem like very different events and this is true. Both have a massive difference in atmosphere, budget, importance, and wedding usually have a larger amount of guests. Although this is correct from a caterer’s perspective these two events are very similar. Parties and weddings are very different except in their catering style which is pretty similar.

The only clear differences are that catering at parties is far more casual than at a wedding and also costs way less due to the informal nature of the event. Other than this catering style is very similar but it can also be argued that some catering styles fit one of the events more than the other. So we have put together a list of catering styles and which event they suit the most.

Types of Catering



Plated Style Catering

Plated Dinners are by far the most formal and traditional style of catering. It is also one of the most popular styles of catering. In this type of catering, guests stay seated at their tables and choose from two or three different options on the menu. Servers are available to wait on the tables and serve the meals. This service style also creates an atmosphere of formality that other options do not. Plated dinners also make costs more predictable.

As you might have guessed with the words “traditional” and “formal”, plated dinners are best suited for a wedding. Plated dinners are also the most popular form of catering used in weddings around the world.

Cocktail Parties

The cocktail style is more focused on drinks rather than food. The food that is served is usually finger food and can be finished in one or two bites. The food is distributed by servers or left stationary for guests to help themselves. This style is perfect for people who want a more casual atmosphere and want their guests to meet and have conversations with each other.

You probably guessed from the name that this style is best suited for parties. As mentioned above cocktail parties encourage a casual atmosphere and create a great environment for people to just talk and have fun.

Buffets Style Catering

Buffets are a very versatile form of catering. Typically, there is a long table decorated with tons of different food items and some information regarding them to not put people with allergies in danger. In a buffet, people can decide the portions they want and it is not uncommon for people to be filling their plates with food. So if you want a formal atmosphere in your event then buffets are not the best option.

Like we said earlier buffets are very versatile and can be used in both parties and weddings so feel free to choose buffet catering style because it will work in almost any kind of event.


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