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Plated Wedding Dinner At Vancouver Island



Planning a wedding is a massive undertaking and getting everything right is no short of a miracle. Planning a wedding requires a lot of attention to detail because so much happens in a wedding overlooking even one mistake could lead to a disaster. This is why weddings are so hard to get right as they require tons of knowledge, planning, Patience, and money. To overcome this problem people hire Trained and experienced caterers who expertly handle the event. This takes a lot of burden off you and gives you enough time to enjoy your wedding peacefully.

Good caterers can help a lot in planning a wedding but there are some decisions only you can make because after all, it is your wedding. Out of all these solo decisions, the one that bothers people the most is choosing the catering style. To help you out we have chosen one of the most popular catering styles used at a wedding “Plated Dinners”. Furthermore, we have made a list of the pros and cons of plated dinners this will help you decide if you want plated dinners for your wedding or not.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Plated Dinners



Less Variety In Food

One of the biggest drawbacks of plated dinner is the lack of variety that it offers to the guests. Since the menu is limited not everyone is going to like the food that is being served. This often leads to unsatisfied guests and no one wants this to happen at their wedding. The solution to this problem is to be careful when creating the menu, research the Allergies, ethnicity, religion, and age of your guests to make sure you have a menu everyone can enjoy.

High Cost

Another drawback of having plated dinners is their hefty price. Since Plated dinners are very organized they take more skill,  staff, and money to pull off. This is enough to scare some people away because some people simply cant not afford plated dinners. You have to remember that although plated dinners are very expensive the end is result will never disappoint.


Peak Elegance

As you have heard many times before that plated dinners are the most elegant and used catering style for weddings. Most people prefer plated dinners over the much cheaper buffet due to its formal, controlled, and organized feel. So if you are looking to have an elegant wedding look no further than plated dinners to full your dream of a perfect wedding.

Organized and safer for guests

Since plated dinners are so organized this means that all your guests will get their meals at the same time. Your guests won’t have to walk back and forth between their tables like they would have to in a buffet. Plus, just sitting at the table and receiving food is far safer than buffets since a lot of people can trip or fall while getting food. this way guests are more comfortable and can avoid some embarrassing accidents.

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