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The Bespoke Private Dining; Lavish & Enjoyable

Choose Wisely: Private Dining Or Restaurants

Bespoke private dining is the word about the unforgettable experience, it’s all about a lavish dining space with a luxurious atmosphere and exceptional meals.

Private dining will give you more privacy as compared to buffet setup, also it will be more organized and mannered.

Well, whatever the occasion is it, whether you are hosting a celebration with family or looking for a unique and special experience with friends, or want a professional dinner with your client’s & employees, private dining is the best option to opt for.

The private dining will bring the experience of the professional chef and delicious custom menus. Even it will be super exciting, full of passion and creativity that makes it more stunning not just in one but in every course of the day. Every dish served will be tailor-made and will delight both the guests and yourself.

Private dining rooms of Supper Club YVR

What to expect from the private dining:

  • The ambience will be more private and lavish as per the occasion.
  • The quality of food will be on the level of a Michelin star.
  • Experience the exquisitely designed menus.
  • The plating and table decor will complement the theme you want.
  • The flavour of the food will be exceptional with the use of fresh ingredients.
  • The wine or cocktail menus will be expertly served with dishes.
  • The hospitality of the trained staff and the certified chef will outclass.

These are the privileges you’ll have with custom-made private dining. The concept of private dining is determined as the most prestigious party option in Vancouver. Because it lefts a deep impression on making it a more memorable occasion for you and your guests.

Our philosophy is simple; we source high quality, fresh and seasonal produce, tracing its journey from scratch to the final plating. But whatever you are looking for whether it’s tips or consultation for private dining, you’ll find everything over the Supper Club.

Even we can handle the complete service of the private dining, from setting up the dining to finger-licking food – just for you.

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