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Get An Expert Culinary Consulting For Commercial Kitchen Efficiency

Culinary Consulting For Commercial Kitchen - Supper Club YVR

Designing a restaurant kitchen structure mainly depends on certain principles and creative design ideas. When planning a commercial kitchen, the main aim is to ensure the highest productivity and efficiency as an inadequate design can harm day-to-day operations.

However, Supper Club YVR Consultancy department makes sure that the great commercial kitchen design is solely dependents on a complete and thorough understanding of client needs and challenges.

We provide the best design and layout planning services, you too should know the essential objectives of successful commercial kitchen design.

On this note, we present some of the essential characteristics of a restaurant kitchen you should know about before executing your operations.

Supper Club YVR – Expert Culinary Consulting For Commercial Kitchen

Whether you are opening a new location, or you are ready to grow your current commercial kitchen design to keep up with the demand of your already successful food service business. Supper Club YVR expert culinary consulting for the commercial kitchen, we will help you to balance your wishes with your needs, and guide you toward your ideal profitability, efficiency, and eco-friendliness.

Whatever your dream kitchen looks like, there are many reasons why you will want a team of commercial kitchen consultants or culinary consultants to get experts to guide you through this comprehensive process.

Flexibility and Scalability:

The restaurant kitchen layout plan should be flexible and scalable enough to adapt to future changes in the structure, size or layout.

Though, the layout should allow space for additional equipment or accessories for new dishes when needed. For Example,  you have a bakery kitchen and you want to add a savoury snack counter, so it’s only possible if you have… Mhmmm, What? A space.

It should also provide room for quick changes to gain an advantage of a peak season that the staff can handle multiple orders simultaneously and avoid the mess in the kitchen.

We can make your commercial kitchen just like a Masterpiece, where you have modular kitchens and movable equipment that can provide considerable flexibility and scalability.

Stay Simple yet Organized: 

The commercial kitchen design should always be simple to avoid confusion or mess during different seasons.

However, it’s very essential to plan the commercial kitchen layout properly so that everything remained to organize with effectiveness.

It’s very important to use the right type of kitchen types of equipment and accessories to capture easy space and apparently, to avoid clutter during operations.

Food Preparation Area:

One of the most important places in the commercial kitchen where the food gets prepared area. Which includes the sink for washing all the vegetables and products, a table for cutting and dishes for mixing, electronic items to speed up the process of preparing food, an area for cooking, frying or baking.

The commercial kitchen should be divided into two main types, one is for processing raw food and the other is for sorting food into batches.

Supper Club YVR – Culinary Consulting will always keep these areas in mind and keep them near the storage area so that cooks can pick up raw materials, prepare them and move them to the cooking area as quickly as possible.

A Spot for Head Chef:

The head chef keeps proper supervision for smooth operations in the kitchen, Right?  As we saw in the movies like;  Chef, Burnt or Ratatouille.

Moreover, they have to control the restaurant’s kitchen and staff effectively for the benefit of the entire business from pre to post preparation of the food or from serving to cleaning of every corner.

So, involving an open kitchen arrangement would make supervision and communication with staff easy. Another way is to create a small kitchen station with a mirror door or window, to keep an eye on the operations of the commercial kitchen.


We at Supper Club YVR consulting always come up with new ideas for designing a commercial kitchen and we make sure to create outstanding kitchen designs and layouts, we can play a part to make your restaurant business a success.

Whether you are just getting started in the hospitality industry or already have a business that requires some enhancement, we have got you covered.

All you have to do is simply tap here.




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