What Is Artisan Ice? And Why Is It Used In Cocktail Catering



These days making your own unique cocktail is a massive trend. Serving your own original cocktails at a party can really liven up the mood and be an exciting experience for everyone involved. Since this has become a massive trend tons of people are trying different things to set themselves apart. There are thousands of tips and tricks on how to make better cocktails but one of the ways people are doing this is by putting Artisan ice in their cocktails to make them taste better.

So what is Artisan ice? Why is everyone putting it in their cocktails? Does it actually make a difference in cocktails? What makes it different from normal ice? And how is it made? How does it improve my cocktail catering? All of these questions will be answered so can decide whether you want to jump on the Artisan ice too.

What Is Artisan Ice?

Artisanal ice is made in a special type of freezer called a Clinebell machine—the same device that ice sculptors use to form the blocks they carve into statues for weddings and bar mitzvahs. As water freezes, air bubbles are trapped and eventually disperse inside the frozen mass to create a cloudy appearance. But if you slow the freezing process down, a lake effect sets in as air bubbles rise to the top or sides. The result is crystal-clear, dense ice, which is harder and colder than a typical ice cube.  This helps create ice with no impurities that chill a drink more efficiently and does not dilute it. Since it melts slower it does not dilute your drink and ruin its taste.

What Are Its Benefits

Artisan ice creates an overall better drinking experience for guests. Artisan ice helps better two of the most crucial parts of good cocktail catering ice, dilution, and melt rate. like we mentioned before normal ice, when used in cocktails, usually melts very quickly leading to a watered-down cocktail that no one wants. Melt rate is the rate at which ice melts in your drink. Artisan ice has a very slow melt rate so not only will it cool your cocktail fast and longer than normal ice. it will also preserve its taste for longer by not diluting the cocktail.

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