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What Makes Us Vancouver’s Top Private Dining & Catering Company

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We’re so glad you found us! We’re Vancouver’s top private dining & catering company, and we can help you plan your next event. From a small dinner party to a large corporate event, let us take care of your food. Our team of award-winning chefs will create custom menus that will bring the flavors of Vancouver right to your plate. Our professional staff are dedicated to ensuring that you have a truly memorable experience with us.

What we do

At Vancouver’s leading private dining and catering company, we believe that everyone deserves to experience the very best in food. This is why when you choose us for your next event, you can expect quality service and attention to detail from our team of experienced chefs.

You might be wondering how we do it? Well with years of experience in the business, our team has a knack for creating delicious dishes that will have you coming back for more! Our chefs also know how important presentation is; which is why many of them have studied at culinary arts schools around the world before returning home to Vancouver where they can share their knowledge with others.

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a large event or just want some tasty treats delivered straight to your door – whatever it is we can help! Just get in touch today on 778-870-3463

Our team

Our team of chefs and servers is ready to help you create a memorable dining experience for your next event. Our passion for food makes us Vancouver’s top private dining company, and we’re always ready to share our culinary knowledge with you.

Our chefs are skilled at preparing modern twists on classic dishes that are sure to please even the most discerning of palates. Our servers are attentive and professional, making sure all your guests have everything they need so they can focus on enjoying themselves without worrying about anything else.

It’s simple, we take care of our customers, and strive to give you the best dining experience possible.

Our team is our most important asset. We take pride in offering a variety of services, as well as consulting with you to create the perfect event for you. We also have a wide selection of menus that can be customized to your liking. Our food is fresh, local and prepared by professionals who are here to help you with all your needs.

Our chefs are award-winning culinary experts who can cook for you at home or cater an event anywhere in Metro Vancouver or on Vancouver Island! With multiple years experience serving the best rated private dining company in Vancouver, our team is ready to provide you with excellent service every time!


We have a lot of expertise in the catering industry, and we know how to make your event stand out from all the others. We understand that every business has unique needs and wants when it comes to their private events or corporate functions – so we take into account all aspects of your function before providing a detailed proposal. If you’re looking for an exceptional team experience at your next event, then get in touch with us today! Vancouver’s Top Private Dining & Catering Company


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