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10 Best Tips To Improve Your Plated Dinner Techniques

Every Dish a Work of Art

Whenever we are visiting the restaurant or hosting a party, we would like to have everything perfect. We always imagine the tastes & textures that we’re going to enjoy, how the flavours will balance with each other, we’re curious and hopefully excited about what we’re about to eat.

We all loved to properly plated food simultaneously, it appeals to our senses like sight, smell and taste, which is why the way your food looks is equally as important as how it tastes.

The industry expert always mentioned that cooking or preparing delicious food is the easiest part. However, the real challenge is making food attractive with perfect garnishing and the right amount of elements for plating.

Supper Club YVR experts bring you special and quality tips, which help you out to create the ideal plating just like your favourite restaurant.

10 Best Tips For Plated Dinner Techniques:

Food Plating Tips & Tricks - Supper Club YVR

Supper Club YVR tips and tricks on plate presentation and how to do it in the right way.

  1. Choose your plates carefully whether it’s shape, colour or size.
  2. Use mini-dishes or pots, whether it’s soups, gravy or salads.
  3. Don’t serve huge portions, do take care of it while plating any dish.
  4. Contrast colours or play with symmetry, and never overloaded your garnishing elements.
  5. Position your ingredients with great care.
  6. Keep yourself equipped with the right tools like; pastry cutters and moulds.
  7. Use a brush or pipette to apply sauce: points, straight lines or zigzags. Which is the perfect option!
  8. Keep yourself furnished with essential utensils or tools; like baking or pastry – piping bag,  cake cutters or brushes.
  9. Use small individual sauce boats, and serve along with your main course individually, it eliminates the hassle.
  10. For decoration, use herbs, spices, edible flowers or citrus zest, it will add a colourful punch to your plates.



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