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Supper Club YVR’s Guide to a Sophisticated Christmas Celebration

Christmas Celebration

Supper Club YVR’s Guide to a Sophisticated Christmas Celebration Welcome to a unique dining experience that’s as diverse and vibrant as the city it was born in. Supper Club YVR is not just about the artful recipes churned out by the talented team of chefs or the myriad flavors we bring to your palate; it […]

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Things to do for catering a birthday party at home

Birthday Catering Ideas by Supper Club

Birthday Party At Home, Made With Supper Club YVR Introduction A successful party is a symphony of multiple elements working together in perfect harmony, creating an experience that leaves an indelible mark on the memories of its guests. It’s not just the food, but the venue, decor, and ambiance that contribute to the celebration’s ultimate […]

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5 Budget-Friendly Corporate Catering Ideas

Christmas Celebration

Are you thinking to plan Corporate Catering? But confused about how to exceed business event expectations without going over your budget? Supper Club YVR would like to pinpoint some key takeaways for Budget-Friendly Corporate Catering. Identify the event size and preferred menu for your event- don’t over-order at all because it will be a waste. […]

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10 Best Tips To Improve Your Plated Dinner Techniques

Every Dish a Work of Art

Whenever we are visiting the restaurant or hosting a party, we would like to have everything perfect. We always imagine the tastes & textures that we’re going to enjoy, how the flavours will balance with each other, we’re curious and hopefully excited about what we’re about to eat. We all loved to properly plated food […]

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Colourful & Creative Cocktail Catering Events

Cocktail Catering Party

Food and drinks on the go can suit a variety of event formats so here’s how you can keep your catering creative and classy. We expect special food and drink at any catered event. But what if how it’s served is just as important as what’s being offered? In 2022, we’ll see more catering menus […]

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Simplifying The Art Of Plated Dinner

Carrot Salad

Does a beautifully presented plate appeal to you? Yes, it’s not a cliché, the first experience of food indeed is how it looks & how ingredients are followed by its aroma and finally the taste. The art of the plated dinner is too important because the wonderfully presented food is the source of stimulating the […]

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5 Things To Look For When Arranging Party Catering


    When arranging any event the thing that takes top priority is the satisfaction of the guests. This can be a very difficult task. It’s no secret that everyone’s food preferences are different, some like spicey, some salty, and some sweet. Taking this into account pleasing everyone becomes an overwhelming task. To help people […]

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