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5 Things To Look For When Arranging Party Catering




When arranging any event the thing that takes top priority is the satisfaction of the guests. This can be a very difficult task. It’s no secret that everyone’s food preferences are different, some like spicey, some salty, and some sweet. Taking this into account pleasing everyone becomes an overwhelming task. To help people going through this struggle we have prepared 5 expert tips to help your party catering go smoothly.

Being Prepared Is The Key To Success

It may seem obvious, but Preparation for an event is very important. You need to ask yourself some questions to find out what you want. First of all, what is the length and time of the event? Is it day or night? Is it a multi-day affair? If so then should I inform all the guests in advance?

There are also other important factors you should take into consideration when planning your party. For example the budget, location, the number of guests, the length of the event, and a few ideas about what you’d like on the menu. All of these things combined will help you visualize what kind of event you want and accelerate the planning process.


Know The People Attending

It is very important to know what kind of people are attending your party knowing the demographic of your party will help you create the best possible menu for the occasion. Find the average age of the people attending, ethnic backgrounds, dietary restrictions, living locations. Knowing this information will help you create a menu that everyone can enjoy and will stop you from making mistakes and serving food that the people attending cannot eat.


What Kind Of Event Do You Want?

Style is very important to a party it not only wows the guests but helps your event stand out and be memorable. Although its important visual and thematic style is not the only thing you should be worried about. We’re talking about whether you want the party to be formal or casual. Knowing this beforehand can help you organize accordingly to suit the style and create an appropriate menu for the affair.


How Much Is Too Much?

It can be a difficult job to finding the perfect middle ground when it comes to food. There should be enough food but not too much at the same time. The best way to avoid this situation is to do a plated dinner with everyone getting the same amount of food at the same time it can lead to some people not being full but absolutely no food will be wasted. If you don’t want a plated dinner and still don’t want to waste food then consider donating the leftovers to your local homeless shelter.


Catering to big numbers

When catering to a large number of people never hesitate to go the buffet route. Buffets are great for serving a large number of people and are very time and cost-effective. You make it extra special and set a theme for your buffet. By taking complicated table service out of the equation, guests can control their own portions, select their own food, and dine at their own pace. They also encourage mingling and hungry guests can get to the food straight away.


We hope these tips helped you plan a perfect party for your guest or friends. If by chance you are looking for a professional catering service then visit The Supper Club for the premium dining experience.




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