Corporate Catering Ideas For New Year Events

Supper Club New Year Party - 2022

It’s time to close out the year 2021 with a bang of deliciously corporate catering ideas!

The end of the year 2021 is a time for spending cherished moments with loved ones, for parties and laughter. And you are planning a New Year’s office party for some time this week in December or early in January?

The New Year’s Eve office party is an event that shouldn’t be missed out on, right? Because it helps in connecting and welcoming to know each other much better than before.

Here is some incredible ideation for your corporate party, if you are planning a New Year’s catering celebration, then you have come to the right place!

We have extensive menus and even custom menus that will meet everyone’s needs and expectations. Pick your one option and impress your colleagues.

1. Serve Small Bite Corner: 

Tapas are all the rage at parties, no matter what the occasion is. But you know what offering a variety of small bites and deliberately having a delicious corner.

The benefit of this corner is remarkable, whether you want to kill your hangovers or sudden hunger.

Firstly, it will allow your corporate caterer to present a wide selection of dishes that could satisfy anyone’s appetite.

Secondly, it will allow you to keep your guests pleased throughout what is sure to be a long night.

New Year’s Eve parties are often longer than most other get-togethers. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure that you not only have enough food to last the night. But that you can provide a variety of foods so your guests aren’t simply eating the same thing over and over again throughout the evening.

That’s the reason why small bites can be so effective as a way to present your New Year’s Eve party menu. Another reason is that it allows your guests to enjoy food when they want, where they want at your party — without the fear of dropping a big plate of messy food on their nice clothes.

2. Surprise boxes on each table:

Want a unique way to keep a smile on your staff’ faces? Give them a unique and scrumptious party favour that your New Year’s Eve caterer can prepare.

Simply you have to arrange everyone’s favourite sweets in a surprise box with a lovely note which can be a motivational quote or a good wish.

You can avoid the typical party with the surprise boxes on their table because it will bring happiness to every face. Want to make everyone more pleased than tell them to wear their favourite dress. Mhmm, no worries they wouldn’t ask you WHY?

3. Costume or Themed Office Party:

Hoping to get your colleagues to dress up for the New Year’s Eve celebrations? Why not set a dress-up theme for your party?

Go for the 20s and see everyone’s best-oversized suits and spangle flapper dresses. Or, plan a modernistic party and see all of the creative ways people dress up—and what they think of the future.

Keep the party memorable with a delicious menu, music and dance floor.

Just think of how you want to treat your staff and make sure there’s enough food that people don’t go home hungry—or get too intoxicated.

4. 2022 Snack And Hot Cocoa Bar:

As it’s cold everywhere in Canada, we can go with ‘snacks and a hot chocolate bar’ at the corner of your office. However, here’s our final idea for an unforgettable New Year office party. For all those who are stuck around to see the bell strike into the new year. All you have to make sure that your staff/colleagues feel a little cosy during the countdown.

Happy New Year from our team to yours!


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