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In Picture; 5 Lunch Corporate Catering Ideas

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Did you know that company-funded lunch builds stronger teams? It’s a moment where staff connects with each other and discuss other than work-related stuff.  That’s why Lunch Corporate Catering is important, it’s not even connecting people, but also increases the productivity of the staff. Many companies offer this on a daily basis and some of […]

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5 Budget-Friendly Corporate Catering Ideas

Christmas Celebration

Are you thinking to plan Corporate Catering? But confused about how to exceed business event expectations without going over your budget? Supper Club YVR would like to pinpoint some key takeaways for Budget-Friendly Corporate Catering. Identify the event size and preferred menu for your event- don’t over-order at all because it will be a waste. […]

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Plan Your Next Corporate Catering With A Little More Fun


So you’ve been assigned tasks for a special event in your workplace, and you’ve been told to take care of the food and drinks. You need a catering plan! So what’s there to take note of when deciding on a catering plan? No worries, read this write-up till the end to know fun & fresh […]

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Enjoy The Fun With These Catered Corporate Party Ideas

Catered Office Party - Supper Club YVR

The days of the stuffy or awkward office party are gone. With so many possible office party themes, entertainment and food options, there’s no longer any excuse for hosting a bland corporate function for your staff members. An office party is super important to raise the spirits of your staff and sometimes these fun breaks […]

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6 Appetizer Ideas For Small Corporate Party Catering

6 Appetizer Ideas For Small Corporate Party Catering

  When hosting a Corporate Party you have to be far more careful and consider your choices. Since Corporate Parties are not some casual occasion there is very little room for mistakes. The one mistake you absolutely must avoid when putting together any kind of party is messing up the food. Food is one of […]

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Vancouver's Culinary Scene

Each catering style is different, bringing its own set of advantages and disadvantages to the table. As the names suggest some catering styles are more suited to one type of event than they are to others. Meaning a good caterer will know how to cater to different kinds of events. When it comes to catering […]

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